What is marble?
Marble is a metamorphic rock composed mostly of calcite formed when limestone is compressed for extended periods of time. Marble is more beautiful and durable than limestone, and so people prefer to use it as a building material.

Can I use marble on my kitchen counters?
Marble is not recommended for kitchen countertops. Although a seal can be used to protect the stone, it is more susceptible to stains. Marble tends to be less durable than granite and as a result will chip and ruin more easily.

What colours do marble come in?
The chemical constituents of marble determine the colour. Generally calcite and dolomite marbles are of pure white colour. Variations of whiteness are due to the mixture of foreign substances. Black and grayish shades are due to graphite. Pinks and reds are mainly due to the presence of manganese oxides ad hematite.

What is granite?
Granite is formed from hardened minerals such as quarts, feldspar and mica found deep within the earth’s mantle. Together, these hardened minerals produce a highly durable stone, which makes granite ideal for kitchen countertops, resistant to many acidic household products and scratching.

Does Granite have any pits or fissures?
Granite always contains tiny pits, or spaces between its crystals however, on larger pieces of stone such pits appear unnoticed. The possibility of fissures, which looks like tiny cracks within the stone, may also occur. These fissures however, are a result of the stone’s formation process. These fissures are a natural part of the stone’s appearance and design, and will not affect the durability of the stone.

Can granite chip or crack?
Only in very rare instances does granite chip or crack. Such instances usually only occur when the granite has been banged using a heavy object, such as a hammer. However, chips and cracks can easily be fixed by either reinserting the chipped piece or using a new mixture.

What is travertine?
Travertine is derived from limestone that has been heated, crushed into marble, broken up, and pushed through the earth's surface.

What is slate?
Derived primarily from mudstone and shales, slates typically contain clay minerals, chlorite, quartz and a variety of accessory phases such as epidote or iron oxides. Its beauty is the earthy coloring accompanied by the cleft, rough, uneven texture of its surface.

What are the benefits of glass mosaic?
Glass Mosaic is a zero maintenance product and only requires washing with a brush and soapy water. Spaces between the mosaic are usually filled with grout that is matching or close to matching. Glass mosaic never wears out.

Why do tile floors sometimes crack?
Tile floors can sometimes crack if there has been movement in the structure of the house, if the tile was not installed correctly or if the cement product was of poor quality.

Italian Craftmanship uses a membrane or sub base of concrete before laying down the tile. We also wait until we know that the base is completely dry. The multi-purpose cement product that we use is superior and stronger than more commonly used scratch coat.

Why did my tiles come loose?
Tiles can come loose if they’re not installed correctly. Usually this is a result of a poor sub-base.